Billy Mahonie

Trying to keep an interesting turn over of bands for a club night even once a month can be quite a challenge, it is usually on the recommendation of other artists and bands that I can keep it going. So it was with Billy Mahonie, who came highly recommended from Ken Low of White Hotel.

It wasn't untill seeing them with Hefner that I made the connection between the Howard I had a telephone number for and the Howard, drummer with other Cushy favourites The Clientele.>

Watching them that night at Po Na Na I was struck by their ability to produce pop songs with out the aid of vocals, indeed I was left with the feeling that the absence of a 'singer' was more than compensated for in the strength of the melodic exchanges between both guitars and occasionally two basses. Held together with creative and engaging grooves and a sensitivity to space and atmosphere that had me easily engrossed and left me feeling wonderfully refreshed.

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