It was through Darren Hayman I was introduced to Gina, Hefner were doing a Cushy night and wanted The Hangovers to play too. I was quite intimidated by Ms Birch when I first met her which seems strange now I have had the chance to get to know her.

A more generous and encouraging musician you could not hope to meet. I guess I was becoming used to dealing with the kind of individuals who's ego far outweighs their talent. A 'perk' of the job.

Still, you cannot survive in this world if you become cynical and if Gina Birch can do it, so can I.

The Hangovers have played on the Cushy night a couple of times now, each time with a different line up, but it is the remarkable voice and infectious tunes that stand out regardless. From the irresistable whistle in 'Duck Song', the first song on the SLOW DIRTY TEARS album (Kill Rock Stars) or the nervous atmosphere of 'I'm glad I'm Me Today', you know exactly who you are listening to. It is Gina Birch.

We are hoping to put a Rhatigan/Hangovers split single together soon, so watch this space for more details...

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