The following is the band's own press release from 1999..


TITLE: 'the door' EP

It started with a look then gravity took over.

Hanging out in crowded rooms and discussing ideas till dawn brought Olly Knights and Gale Parradgiana together, until Mrs McKenzie separated them in the classroom.

Two years later at the grand old age 9, they were recruited by a cathedral choir and it was here that their appreciation of intricately beautiful sound began. Getting the sack for satanic head spinning led them to re-think their musical direction.

They returned home to play for themselves and their neighbours. Working together through world travel, education and other musical ventures, a strong bond was formed providing rich fuel for what would become 'their music'.
Today, both 23, 'their music' has reached new heights.

The humbleness of their bedroom sound has grown under the influence of such 1960's/1970's singer songwriters as Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. This warm concoction has provided the recipe for their deep optimistic outlook on the loneliness of the human condition, a rich theme running through the music.

'The Door' EP, Anvil Records, gives us the first glimpse into that world. These four songs revisit some of their earliest work together and are taken from a catalogue that must see the light of day. 'The door' is a personal account of the pain of the decision making, whilst 'The Road' gives us an optimistic outlook on what the future may bring.

What about now?

The band signed a record deal with Source UK this year and with several more EPs under their belts and an album due for release early 2001 things are looking very bright for the future... Visit Turin Brakes for more up to date info.