Sean Worrall at Organ, gave me Richard Greens number a few of years ago because Rhatigan needed a van driver and as a result we became friends. He and Tiny and Venessa had moved down to London and were trying to put their band together, the result was Ultrasound.

I remember Richard telling me on the way to a gig, that they had decided on the band name and were looking for gigs, so we put them on a Cushy night. They had been recording at a studio in Acton, in return for building it and the now legendary 'demo' in all it's epic glory, was made.

I'll never forget the gigs they did at the club, you would hardly think it possible for Ultrasound to fit into the dimensions of the 12 Bar but it was magical. They played as a three piece on one occasion with Tiny playing an old harmonium and singing in his mournful way with pages of lyrics scattered around, kind of Orson Wellian. I loved it all sparce and free, Richard driving it along on guitar and Venessa's lamenting backing vocals the icing on the cake.

That was the Ultrasound I enjoyed, more so than the full blown and rather grotesque circus it has become.

It was a few months and a number of rejections later when driving us back, a little anticlimaxed after a recording session at Courtyard, that Richard, in an attempt to cheer us up said " think your selves lucky, we can't even get a gig".

Soon after, on the brink of breaking up, their longtime friend Karen Thompson offered her help and started to manage the band.

Six months later they were signed.........

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