We put an ad in the Melody Maker musicians wanted section for a drummer, when Bryn, after much agonising and a small amount of bread throwing, put down sticks and left Rhatigan. One of the first calls came from Jean Marc who sounded perfect. Not only 'cos his credits included PJ Harvey but he had a very sexy french accent which I have always had a weakness for.

In fact he was one of four French drummers I sent a tape to but unfortunately it was not up his 'rue' so to speak. However during the course of our conversation we established that we had quite a few aquaintances in common, not least it transpired, Paul Murphy who subsequently conceded defeat and joined Rhatigan.

It would have been around the same time that Jean Marc spotted another ad in the same venerable publication and along with former Warm Jet basist Colleen, got 'hooked up' with the enigma that is Ken Low, the dark soul of White Hotel.

It was Paul who gave me the demo, recorded, in time honoured fashion with a mike in a room straight to tape. That seems to me how White Hotel should always record their sliding soundscapes, in a room in a deserted old hotel, perhaps one where Jack Torrence would be caretaker.

A place for lost souls and desperate spirits, not jolly, compelling. This is not morbid kitsch, this is harrowing. It aches.

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