I first stumbled upon Hefner about three years ago when Rhatigan were on the same Organ Fanzine night at the Monarch in Camden London. I was immediately engaged by Darrens plaintive tales of lust and loss, accompanied by Ant occasionaly stroking a couple of bongos. I seem to remember proposing to Darren after sound check when they played what is still my favourite Hefner song 'Brood Mare'

He declined. How ever I did persuade him to come and record at Cushy we recorded three songs 'Brood Mare', 'Certain' and 'Hymn For Berlin'. As Ant was working that day, Darren further indulged me, letting me play drums, which I believe was my debut drum session. More significantly it was the first time John Morrison played bass with Hefner and soon after became their vital third member.

Not long after that Hefner recorded the single 'A Better Friend' for Boogle Wonderland Records. It was the turning point forthem when after several months eyeing them from a distance, Too Pure records thought it would be a good idea to make an album and so off they went to Ca Va studios in Glasgow to work with Tony Doogan, which explains the misconception that Hefner is Scottish.

The result of this Caledonian collaboration is their debut album 'Breaking Gods Heart' which is choca with wonderful songs not least the forth coming single 'The Sweetness Lies Within' which features 'Hymn For Berlin' with myself guesting on vocals and two other songs recorded at Cushy recently 'Normal Molly' and 'Hello Kitten'.

Hefner, before during and after, have made regular appearences on the Cushy Nights at the 12 Bar Club, which is wonderful a place to really appreciate the band and particularly the intimacy of the songs. It is unlikely we will be seeing Hefner at the club for a while though, as they will be on tour with Billy Bragg in the Autumn and the small confines of the 12 Barwill soon not be able to cope with the growing demands of their increasing audience.

Suzanne Rhatigan

For more info visit the HEFNER website.