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We are waiting clearence to upload songs or samples from some the artists below..

Hefner - The Sweetness Lies Within We have also recorded some tracks with HEFNER on their single 'The Sweetness Lies Within' out now on TOO PURE.

The tunes with the Cushy touch are 'Hymn For Berlin', 'Hello Kitten', and 'Normal Molly'.

You may have already heard another Cushy recording of 'Brood Mare' which is on a Too Pure/City Slang Compilation 'Wow and Flutter' and has enjoyed quite a few plays on Radio 1 and XFM.

Available online at

You can order 'Noises from the Sound Cupboard' featuring a Rhatigan song 'Julianne', and other Boa and Electroscope releases from them or if you write directly to

c/o, flat 2/L,
1011 Cathcart Rd
Glasgow G42 9XJ

Electroscope - Unhappy SoulAlso out now is the ELECTROSCOPE single 'Unhappy Soul' on the LISSYs label. The A side is a Rhatigan song recorded here and three brand new Electroscope songs, 'Magic Latern Show', 'Horace Bachelor's Method' and 'If your Ship' on the B side.

Available online at, at your local record store through Cargo, or write to Lissys at

po box 14477
London SW16 2WJ
£2.50 inc p&p to J. Tugwell

Or e-mail us with your details.

ANT single At last, an ANT record to save the world and how fitting that it is available on EVIL WORLD RECORDS, only Darren (Hefner) and Jennifer's new label. It is a double A side, limited edition, 7ins thing of beauty. It features two of his songs recorded here at Cushy 'I hope you'll always be there' and Not sleeping the same way' . You can get it in good record shops or on order through Cargo from May 10th. Click the record for a an MP3 sample

Late Developer Big Stick D.I.Y Other Artists