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This album was recorded at the Stone Room studio in Acton west London over 5 days in the summer of 94. It was the first time the band as was then with Bryn Burrows on drums got the chance to record together out side the confines of the 8track set up at Cushy.

Late Developer - 128kbps MP3 (4.5MB) 1. LATE DEVELOPER Late Developer cover

The photographs in this album were taken by Sarah Light. This was a moment captured in Notting Hill gate tube station.

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The 1st Rhatigan record 'Late Developer' is available on Org Records through Pinnacle, or directly by e-mailing Organ.
Not your girlfriend - 128kbs MP3 3.21MB 7. NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND
Only Joking - 128kbs MP3 4.75MB 2. ONLY JOKING Disconnected - 128kbs MP3 3.85MB 8. DISCONNECTED
Happy - 128kbs MP3 2.76MB 3. HAPPY Nonsense - 128kbs MP3 2.51MB 9. NONSENSE
Traffic - 128kbs MP3 6.10MB 4. TRAFFIC Tonight - 128kbs MP3 2.46MB 10. TONIGHT
Keeping us together - 18kbs MP3 4.75MB 5. KEEPING US TOGETHER Dick - 128kbs MP3 856KB 11. DICK
Scared - 128kbs MP3 3.5MB 6. SCARED Hello - 128kbs MP3 1.39MB 12. HELLO

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Late Developer Big Stick D.I.Y Other Artists