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The last summer of the last century was a prolific one for us, in one week in August, we wrote the 3 songs that compile the DIY ep. The lyric to DIY was the inspiration behind the cover which was drawn by our pal Antony Harding aka ANT who has recorded some of his own songs with us.

A Rhatigan EP is now available for £5. It's called DIY.
Click the MP3 buttons for songs/samples and click the titles for links to the lyrics

That Song MP3 sample 1.3MB 1. THAT SONG
DIY MP3 sample 1.6MB 2. DIY
Older MP3 sample 1.8MB 3. OLDER

We're offering to combine both DIY and Big Stick on one CD for £10, or compile your own one off Rhatigan CDR £1 per song min 5 songs (international postage and exchange fees not included), email us your list and we'll let you know how to pay

Late Developer Big Stick D.I.Y Other Artists