Sponge Finger

No one has any time any more, no patience to work a bit, to think a bit. Except that is, Sponge Finger.

What's new, what's next, that's about as far as it goes. Well if that's the way you are you'll never get Sponge Finger, you sad fucker.

Sponge Finger/Rhatigan 12 Bar You'll never feel the grooves, I mean what's inside them. You'll never hear the tunes, they're not hidden, just not rammed down your throat. You'll never get to to tell your friends, "never miss an opportunity to see Sponge Finger" and you'll never be forever altered.

You won't hear Jack Hayter re-invent the steel guitar, and Steve Hatfield's unmitagated joy in the face of tragedy.

You won't know they have released two albums, that we know of, on Volcano. 'Pearloid Blue' volc001cd and their brand new release '...glittering sons of the wide blue yonder...' volc002cd both available through Cargo at all good record stores. They might not be on display, indeed you might have to go to the trouble of ordering them, but remember nothing good comes easy.

If you are lucky and keep an eye on the listings you might find Sponge Finger playing live soon with their brand new rhythm section, but failing that you might be lucky enough to catch Jack on occasion playing solo, or guesting with Hefner and even more rarely with Rhatigan but it is with Steve and S.F. where he sounds truely at home.

You can visit JACK HAYTER's home page for up to date info about his solo work and more news on Sponge Finger